Our flowers

We make beautiful flower arrangements using the highest quality silk flowers - which look just like the real thing (and are usually mistaken for such!). 

The arrangements are done in a selection of china, blue and white Chinese porcelain, marble urns and small antique jugs.

We use silk flowers and foliage that grow in every English garden - everything from roses to peonies to buttercups.

A bespoke service

We also do arrangements in customer's own vases - and are very happy to create a bespoke arrangement using your brief - no matter how big or small. Come and choose exactly what you want from our flower room. 

We have a large stock of flowers which customers can buy to do their own arrangements - very useful for the church flowers when there is nothing in the garden!

Please click onto 'Arrangements' at the top of this page to see a selection.

Prices range from £12 for a small dressing table vase, to £120 for a large table centre arrangement.


Rull Flowers, Rull Farmhouse, East Worlington, Crediton, Devon

 Telephone: 01884 860 978